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We are located on the Farm, an intentional community founded in 1971, based on the principles of non-violence and respect for the earth. Nestled in the hills of southern, middle Tennessee, the Farm is home to 200 members and residents, and offers a unique experience to visitors interested in the community lifestyle. The Integrity House is a special event venue, open to the public, where artists and performers from all over the world entertain, educate and captivate their audiences. The Integrity House building is itself a unique and creative structure, designed and built with over 70% recycled materials. It is a performance venue, museum, seminar classroom, and traveler's Waystation! It is well worth a visit just to enjoy the one-of-a-kind design and display of artifacts, part of a decades-old collection compiled by the builder and owner, John Roman.

View from the stage, with available seating for up to 75 people. When no events are scheduled, it becomes a billiard room and comfortable seating area.

A special water feature located just behind The Integrity House.

A fascinating collection of memorabilia on display.

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